- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Refined manufacturing cost control and management
Integrated management of production, supply, and sales
Inventory and supply chain analysis
Central manufacturing planning
Full cycle equipment input-output management

Listed subsidiaries of central enterprises under the direct control of SASAC

Project size

Financial consolidation and BI reporting platform
Statutory Budget Reporting
Group Management Statements
Business Unit Management Statements
SASAC statements

Specific project scope

Group statement consolidation
Accounts, business system data extraction, validation and aggregation
Related transaction reconciliation platform, molecular company division information reporting platform
Cost control apportionment analysis statements, financial analysis statements, sales analysis statements
Taxation, capital statements, cost control analysis statements
Profitability analysis ratio, statutory budget filling, budget assessment and implementation
Monthly management reports, group snapshots, SASAC reports, EVA indicator tables

Project results and benefits

Platformisation of financial management information (centralised management of information such as consolidated statements, plan execution, performance analysis)
Deepened management report analysis (optimization of management models in multiple business dimensions) to lay the foundation for international asset management
Standardisation of financial management (state capital regulation, industry regulation, local financial guidelines)
Information systems for finance staff

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