- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Refined manufacturing cost control and management
Integrated management of production, supply, and sales
Inventory and supply chain analysis
Central manufacturing planning
Full cycle equipment input-output management

100 billion market cap sports brand company

Project size

1000+ contracts
20+ different business processing logics and calculation models
Financial management analysis reports for the full contract cycle

Specific project scope

A computational model for a large volume of contracts (involving thousands of contracts, five contract types, and dozens of different detail categories)
Supervision of asset-liability and expense for full-cycle contracts
Handling of year-end rollovers
Analysis reports
Synchronous tracking of expense reimbursements and amortized expenses
Automation of entry voucher push to accounting system (SAP)

Project results and benefits

Comprehensive computational model
Integration with upstream and downstream underlying data systems
Construction of a secure and controllable data platform
Seamless integration of summary-level and detail-level data
One-click generation of regulatory reports

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