- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Refined manufacturing cost control and management
Integrated management of production, supply, and sales
Inventory and supply chain analysis
Central manufacturing planning
Full cycle equipment input-output management

The world’s largest aluminum-plastic pipe manufacturing enterprise group

Project size

200+ reports
50+ users
26 single subsidiaries

Specific project scope

Financial accounting data extraction, validation and aggregation, data interaction with BI analysis platform
Reconciliation platform for related transactions
Individual, consolidated, management and tax reporting
Inter-factory material transfer traceability
Sales rebate calculation for 8 sales companies

Project results and benefits

Standardized reporting management system
Standardisation of internal transaction reconciliation, building a platform for reconciliation of internal transactions between group companies
Realisation of consolidation data collection and automatic reconciliation of current transactions, flexible consolidation and offsetting process management for the group, flexible definition of consolidation rules, improved consolidation efficiency and shortened consolidation cycle

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