Compliance Regulatory Reporting

By using a unique, trusted source of results, pre-built compliance solutions, you can easily and confidently auto-feed real-time data into your reports and disclosures, ensuring faster implementation and easy compliance.

Get compliant out-of-the-box with CCH Tagetik Regulatory Reporting software

Inputs, narrative, validations, updates, approvals, audits — meeting compliance doesn’t have to be an obstacle course. Our solution makes regulatory reporting simple for the Office of the CFO. CCH Tagetik, powered by the Analytic Information Hub, brings granular financial and operational data together in a single source so you can easily locate relevant data and prepare it in accordance with regulations.

Our unified software comes complete with pre-built compliance solutions — ESG & Sustainability, Lease Accounting, IFRS 17, iXBRL, and more — that streamline your regulatory reporting process. Each compliance solution includes configurable report templates, a process workflow, requirement-specific calculation logic. As with all our products, our compliance solutions automatically cascade real-time data into your reports. With disclosures that are easily audited, verifiably accurate, and completely trusted, you can be confident that your reports are 100% compliant, 100% of the time.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Regulatory Reporting lets you focus on your business

On-Premise Solutions

We have solutions for ESG & Sustainability, Lease Accounting (IFRS 16 & ASC 842), IFRS 17 Insurance, iXBRL, Solvency II, FINREP & COREP,  Integrated Reporting and more. Pre-built solutions simplify regulatory reporting and easily extend and configure your needs.

Collaboration and control

Collaboration and communication between reporting providers streamlines the production of financial, management, regulatory and supervisory reports. Workflows and audit trails enhance transparency and control.

Ensure punctuality

Uniquely sourced data, robust validation rules and flexible workflows ensure accurate, real-time disclosure documents are delivered on time.

Product Demo

Compliance Regulatory Reporting Demo

Pre-packaged for speed. A single source for accuracy. Workflow and audit trail for collaboration and control. CCH Tagetik has everything you need to streamline regulatory reporting and reduce your reporting cycle.

  • Quickly comply with pre-packaged solution
  • Flexible solutions that can be extended
  • Reduce risk with standard calculations and reports
  • Changes can be easily made by finance, not IT
  • Unified with EPMsolutions
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