- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Refined manufacturing cost control and management
Integrated management of production, supply, and sales
Inventory and supply chain analysis
Central manufacturing planning
Full cycle equipment input-output management

One of the top 500 Chinese manufacturing company

Project size

1000 users
300+ statutory reports
300+ management statements
350+ molecular agencies

Specific project scope

Data collection for group/holding company/subsidiary
Establishment of data standards
Automated generation of individual reports
Statutory consolidation reporting
Management consolidation reports

Project results and benefits

Build a consolidated financial statement platform that includes data collection, data validation, merging and offsetting, report generation, and display, enabling fast and accurate preparation of group financial statements
Complete management reporting ahead of schedule.
Build a multi-dimensional analysis framework and financial data warehouse.
Provide management perspectives for analysis according to product, business unit, and other metrics.
Multiple sets of indicators, flexible models for deepening analysis.
Highly integrated with ERP and other systems to reduce manual intervention and ensure timely and accurate data.
Improve data reuse efficiency.
Uniform data standards.

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