- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Profit and Loss by Model / Pricing Models / Dealership Rebate Management / Development Fee Management Models / Automotive Cost Simulator / Purchasing Performance and Supplier Evaluation Analysis Model

Large Sino-Japanese joint venture automotive company

  • 分车型损益
  • 定价模型
  • 经销返利管理
  • 汽车成本模拟器
  • 采购绩效与供应商评估分析模型
  • 开发费管理模型

Project size

Monthly, quarterly and annual data collection for 1000 users and 370+ subordinate companies
100+ statutory consolidation of legal and management reports (Group and nine divisions), management reports
Company-related transaction reconciliation platform (invoice level reconciliation)
Profit and loss management analysis platform for sub-models
Comprehensive business around production, research, sales and finance related to profit and loss of sub-models

Specific project scope

Financial accounting data extraction, validation and aggregation (involving more than 20 different financial accounting system use cases, 370+ individual entities, 100+ consolidation nodes)
Linked transaction reconciliation platform (invoice level reconciliation)
Annual statutory report (100+ legal and management statements)
Single entity statements, snapshot statements, consolidated statements, management statements

Project results and benefits

Reduced cycle time for issuing monthly and annual reports
Financial management information platform (centralised information management of individual statements, consolidated statements, plan execution, performance analysis, etc.)
Standardisation of financial management (state capital supervision, industry supervision, regular audits by accounting firms, local financial standards)
Master data standardisation (COA transformation unified accounts, customer master data management)
Process-oriented profit and loss management of sub-models, covering the whole process from target management, to rolling forecasts and actual performance management

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