- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Profit and Loss by Model / Pricing Models / Dealership Rebate Management / Development Fee Management Models / Automotive Cost Simulator / Purchasing Performance and Supplier Evaluation Analysis Model

Sino-German joint venture for a luxury brand car company

  • 分车型损益
  • 定价模型
  • 经销返利管理
  • 汽车成本模拟器
  • 采购绩效与供应商评估分析模型
  • 开发费管理模型

Project size

200 + users
Long-term plans, annual budgets, rolling forecasts
Sales revenue, material costs, expenses, project budgets
Profit and loss analysis platform by model
Multi-version variance analysis reports

Specific project scope

Annual and long-term plans
Expense budgets (overhead apportionment engine)
Cash flow forecasts, rolling forecasts and pre-actual comparison analysis
Target setting and partial target distribution
Sub-model cost analysis platform, actuals monthly management reporting platform
R&D new projects, localisation, serialisation project management

Project results and benefits

Process-based long-term planning, budgeting, rolling forecasts and pre-actual comparative analysis
Planning, analysis and reporting on the same platform (sales revenue, material costs, expenses, project budgets, sub-model cost analysis, variance analysis reports)
Integration of data from multi-departmental business systems in the same platform
Easy budget entry and high satisfaction of business decision makers

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