- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Profit and Loss by Model / Pricing Models / Dealership Rebate Management / Development Fee Management Models / Automotive Cost Simulator / Purchasing Performance and Supplier Evaluation Analysis Model

Fortune 500 Japanese automotive company

  • 分车型损益
  • 定价模型
  • 经销返利管理
  • 汽车成本模拟器
  • 采购绩效与供应商评估分析模型
  • 开发费管理模型

Project size

290 companies worldwide
Global COA Code block collation and optimization
Integration of front-end systems + 58 ERP systems
Full consulting implementation covering accounting standards, legal reporting, sub-model reporting, management reporting, data model harmonization, ERP upgrade and optimization, monthly closing process, group data platform, project management

Specific project scope

GRAPH requirements for Local GAAP, IFRS, JGAAP
Automated generation of group legal reports, related transaction reconciliation platform, disclosure statements, statutory analysis statements
Optimisation of the reporting by model, conversion of production costs to COGS, global cost update
Optimisation of management KPIs and harmonisation of calibre
COA Code Block data consistency requirements
S4 HANA system upgrade proposal and monthly closing process optimisation
Group data warehouse and data unification platform construction

Project results and benefits

Integration of data sources
Ensure the consistency of legal and management reports from the source
Speed up the monthly closing process and reduce the consolidation cycle
Build a linked transaction reconciliation platform to provide reconciliation quality, efficiency and automation rate
Improve data automation by automatically acquiring data, automatically reclassifying, reconciling, apportioning, converting foreign currency and consolidating and offsetting according to configuration logic
Build a global data warehouse and unified data platform to provide the foundation for enterprise refinement management

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