- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Solvency II Model / IFRS17 / IFRS9
Client-level profitability management
Product-level profitability management

State-owned mega financial and insurance enterprise company

Project size

200+ investment model statements
150+ users
20+ business systems data extraction and processing
30+ multiple business logics

Specific project scope

Solvency II Quarterly Solvency and Financial Condition Reports and Quarterly Updates
Cash Flow Stress Testing
Predictive Analytics Reports
Risk Self-Assessment
Management Analysis Features (Investment Strategy, Product Strategy, Monthly Monitoring, Agent Group Solvency Reports)
Regulatory Reporting Disclosures

Project results and benefits

Unified management of global base parameters
Process-oriented, unified management of Solvency II and analytics operations
Automated and streamlined data collection and verification to ensure data accuracy
Data processing, reporting and disclosure reports cover the complete process
Complete audit trail

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