- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Solvency II Model / IFRS17 / IFRS9
Client-level profitability management
Product-level profitability management

One of the Fortune Global 500 stock insurance companies

Project size

Accessing data between more than 7 departments
20+ data source forms involved to capture data
3 major apportionment models, dozens of detailed apportionment rules
Many links to referenced data in Excel tables, 5W+ cell formulas, complex to maintain

Specific project scope

SAP system apportionment (accountable apportionment, four-level apportionment, integrated apportionment)
Cost apportionment module, channel unitisation module, reasonableness analysis module, branch apportionment module, product type apportionment, unitisation assumption module
All basic data and documents required by the modules can be transferred to other systems through interfaces and uploaded as attachments

Project results and benefits

Basic data is extracted by system interface or exchange area, no additional operations are required
The questionnaires are filled in with a uniform interface, so that users can log in directly to the system to fill them in, avoiding multiple communications
Easy traceability of assessment details through the system traceability function; data is stored in the database for easy access
Automatic processing by the system, reducing manual operations and lowering operational risk; flexible check rules and high operational efficiency
Flexible configuration of apportionment rules allows for flexible modification of apportionment data sources and apportionment ratios
Easy access to data and logical modifications through the system; improved efficiency, with the latest apportionment data available at trueup
Variance analysis tables can be set up to analyse data of different calibres; reports can be generated automatically for use by finance companies

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