- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Pharmaceutical sales and channel rebate
Commission management solutions
Budget forecasting management for pharmaceutical R&D projects
Refined pharmaceutical cost management

Large health industry enterprise group

Project size

150+ users
Statutory management consolidation (6 statutory consolidation nodes and sub-section management consolidation nodes)
Collection of monthly, half-yearly and annual reports for 300+ subordinate companies
Production of master and annual report note forms and management reports
Company related transaction reconciliation platform

Specific project scope

Financial accounting data extraction, validation and aggregation (300+ individual entities)
Accounting system optimisation and transformation solutions
Co-ordinated and collaborative connected transaction reconciliation platform
Monthly, half-yearly and annual reporting information reporting platform for subordinate enterprises
Statutory annual reporting (100 statutory statements)
Monthly management reports (50 monthly management analysis reports)

Project results and benefits

Financial management information platform for accounting systems (centralised management of information in statutory reports and management reports)
Automatic data interfacing of multiple accounting systems to improve schedule automation
Reconciliation platform replaces original manual reconciliations, greatly accelerating reconciliation efficiency
Master data standardisation (unification of group accounts, COA transformation, customer master data management)

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