- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Pharmaceutical sales and channel rebate
Commission management solutions
Budget forecasting management for pharmaceutical R&D projects
Refined pharmaceutical cost management

Pharmaceutical companies listed in Hong Kong mainly focus on innovative drugs

Project size

Online comprehensive budgeting
Rolling forecast filling platform, pre-realistic analysis statements
Statutory consolidation of both PRC and IFRS accounting standards, individual statements, consolidated statements

Specific project scope

Sales revenue,workforce and compensation budgets, business operating budgets, R&D inter-year budgets, administrative budgets, production budgets, capital expenditure budgets (Capex)
Multi-calibre, multi-version budget analysis reports; interface construction for data docking with the intermediate database
Pre-realistic analysis reports and comparison with annual budgets and other multiple versions of data
Budget change and budget control solution, R&D inter-year budget management for new projects
Statutory consolidation: individual data extraction, individual statements (in PRC and IFRS calibres), consolidated statements (in PRC and IFRS calibres), reconciliation of related transactions

Project results and benefits

Standardisation of the budget process, unification of the format of the forms to be filled in by each department and unification of the process.
Uniform platform for departmental budgets across the company, unifying the standard of filling in calibres and facilitating budget control.
The R&D plan, expense budget filling and pre-realistic analysis reports are on the same platform for easy viewing.
Accurate output of consolidated reports, shortening the time to produce consolidated reports.
Stable system, easy budget entry and clear budget change process.

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