- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Category Management Model
Transfer Pricing Model
Marketing cost input-output management
Total channel performance management
Profitability analysis models based on product categories


A leading FMCG company

Project size

66 Channel Sales Presentation KPIs (%) Phase 1 delivery
100+ key metrics
10 personas, 38 dashboards per persona
400+ Data Query

Specific project scope

Reorganise complex reports and metrics from the original BW on HANA platform and modularly structure them in an intelligent management reporting platform
Transform passive into active and design management checkpoints based on management pathways
Change the monthly reports into daily reports for PC and mobile to check and review at any time. Point-to-point analysis of indicators for global overview, comparisons by district, rolling and trend analysis

Project results and benefits

Access to data from the Sales and Marketing System/BW system to meet the needs of online review and coaching of sales executives at all levels (simplification)
Better presentation of management indicators to enable managers at all levels to understand management objectives and management thinking (deeper understanding)
More timely access to information to support management decisions (timely and accurate)
Strategic pilot of data analytics platform – sharing the load of BW/HANA EDW, importing some of the data into the platform and modelling on demand as an extension of the enterprise data mart
More satisfied users, lower TCO

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