- Management and Business Model Solution Pool

Dynamic Investment Modeling
Dynamic Capital Management
RCV (Resource, Capacity, Value) Model
Lifecycle Asset Management

Leading company in the field of architectural hardware

Project size

300+ reports
70+ users
Including 70+ companies at home and abroad
Interfaces with SAP and EBS systems

Specific project scope

Consolidated disclosures
Foreign currency translation
Complex related party reconciliations
Aging calculations

Project results and benefits

The system replaces manual processing of complex logic to achieve the refinement of data
System automatically calculates reclassifications, hedges, ageing and bad debts
Cash flow, corporate income tax and deferred income tax are automatically calculated using templates
Unified display of operational and financial data
Manual efficiency gains of 106 working days (quarterly reporting)
Improved disclosure of 201 statements to: 15 manual, 37 semi-automatic, 149 automatic, 75% automation rate

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